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Essential exercises for when you travel

Damian Honey BSc, MCSP, SRP and Penny Catt BSc, MCSP, SRP
4.95 (UK postpaid 5.50; Outside of UK postpaid £6.25)

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Travel Fit is the essential guide to staying healthy and comfortable when on the move. Compact and user-friendly, it is written for anyone who has ever had anxieties about DVT or who has arrived at their destination feeling stiff, achy and irritable. Cars, planes, coaches and trains get you from A to B, but they take an enormous toll on your body.

The authors explain why travelling in a sedentary position is so hard on your body, particularly on the joints, muscles and circulatory system. They follow this with postural advice and a series of illustrated and fully described stretches and exercises, each designed to improve your sense of wellbeing on a journey. They then identify the stretches and exercises most relevant to the different forms of travel. A brief Appendix on deep vein thrombosis and compression hosiery is provided to help the reader to assess, and thus reduce, the risk of circulatory disturbances.

Damian Honey is a Chartered Physiotherapist with experience in a variety of fields, including cardiothoracics, orthopaedics and neuro-musculoskeletal physiotherapy. He has a particular interest in posture and exercise and their role in reducing pain. Penny Catt is a Chartered Physiotherapist with experience in a senior role in neuro-musculoskeletal physiotherapy. In this capacity she has noticed how many of her patients experience pain and discomfort due to their travelling and work situations. Both authors have been prescribing the exercises in this book to their patients for a number of years, and with excellent results.

The benefits of good posture and exercise -- Circulation -- Deep vein thrombosis -- General travelling advice -- Precautions -- The muscles (front) -- The muscles (back)

Why stretch? -- Chin tuck -- Head turn -- Head tilt -- Neck bend -- Neck extension -- Shoulder stretch -- Shoulders back -- Shoulders forward -- Body twist -- Back arch -- Back slump -- Body stretch -- Calf stretch in sitting -- Calf stretch in standing

Why exercise? -- Foot pumping -- Heel lifts -- Ankle circling -- Static leg exercise -- Knee squeeze -- Side crunch -- Bottom clench -- Shoulder rolls

Resisted foot pumping -- Back extension -- Elbow bends -- Elbow extension -- Lateral arm raising -- Chest press

Car -- Coach -- Train