Table of Contents

Bowel Control: Information and Practical Advice

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Normal Bowel Function
How often should I empty the bowel?
How is bowel emptying controlled?

Bowel Leakage

The Causes of Bowel Leakage
Anal Sphincter Damage
Nerve Injury or Disease

When to Seek Help

What Tests Might You Need?

Drug therapy
Sphincter exercises
Bowel habit
Resisting the Urge
Keeping the bowel empty
Can food or drinks have an effect?
Other foods to consider
What about complementary or alternative therapies?

Skin Care
Coping with soreness or irritation
Why may I get sore?
Tips to prevent soreness

Tips on Controlling Wind and Smells

Managing Bowel Leakage

Planning Ahead
Useful Addresses
Further Reading
The Future