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Bowel Control: Information and Practical Advice

Professor Christine Norton, Nurse Consultant, St. Mark’s Hospital, Northwick Park, Harrow, England and Professor Michael A. Kamm, Department of Gastroenterology, St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne, Australia 
48 pp, colour illustrated throughout,  210x205mm, 1999, 0-906584-49-3
9.50 (UK postpaid 10.00; Outside of UK postpaid £11.50)

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Why do I have a problem with bowel control? Is it something I’ve just got to live with or can I ever hope for some improvement? … I hate the embarrassment of it – will I ever be able to feel safe? Is there such a thing as specialist nurses or doctors I can talk to? I’ve heard you can have surgery for the problem – is this likely to be a good idea for me? Is there anything I can do to help myself?

At least one adult person in every hundred has some problem with bowel control, ranging from the occasional ‘accident’ to a state of daily distress. Because it is almost impossible to talk freely about this most personal of functions, people with poor bowel control generally assume that nothing can be done and that they just have to put up with it. Nowadays we know that by asking the right questions of the right people, and with motivation and perseverance, a great deal can be done to help.

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