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Beaconsfield Publishers - publishers of herbal and homeopathic material

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homeopathic and herbal books


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Will you add me to your mailing list?
Yes - please complete our form and give us a full idea of your fields of interest, as well as a precise mailing address, including if possible phone / fax / email details.

I would like to write a book on a topic that might fit your list. Would you be interested?
Yes - give us outline details and we'll send you a questionnaire that will either encourage us both, or save time and tears all round.

Can I contact your authors through you?
We don't give their details out, but will forward mail to them without delay.

How long do orders take to arrive to destinations outside the UK?
We ship via a specialised service that uses a combination of airfreight and local parcel services - it can take one to three weeks depending where you are, but is efficient and not expensive.

I am a trade supplier - whom should I contact?
If you have not dealt with us before, please contact us in the first instance.

Can we link our site to yours?
Yes -please email and let us know about your site.

My question has nothing to do with any of the above.
We would be delighted to hear from you anyway. Please email us at